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The Solution to Your Sorting Needs
Automation technology expertise at the forefront of sortation, process automation, image processing, print & apply labeling, sortation software and integration services.

Letter Sorting

Our high-speed letter sorters create a substantial reduction in processing times for inbound or outbound mail and flats. We have sorter installations in many international countries, meeting the needs of presorters, private posts, governments, and corporations, with some of the most advanced sorting technology available today. Our modular systems are adapted to your business needs including DBCS, MLOCR, and our Vote-By-Mail product line.

Letter Sorter Showing Sorting Bins

Parcel Sorting

Over the last several years, we have been providing high performance parcel sorting and encoding systems as a solution to your parcel sorting needs. Parcels, flats, and polybags are diverted from the sortation line quickly, efficiently, and consistently without adding time and cost to the process. Our modular systems are adapted to your business needs.

Parcel Sorter showing bins full of polybags


With the continuous growth of e-commerce the need for high-speed sorting machinery rises with the difficulty of managing an increasing amount of orders. We have expanded our parcel sorting to end-to-end processing to include receiving, inventory, picking, packaging, rate shopping, print & apply, and shipping. We make it easy to ship both small and large products from your distribution center by giving you the ability to meet peak throughput needs, preventing bottlenecks and setting you up for success.

Person making credit card purchase on laptop

Why Fluence?

Fluence has been a leader in the mail sorting, parcel handling, print & apply, and OCR reading markets for many years. Our broad capabilities provide a thorough blanket across all types of projects, whether it’s products, integrated systems, service, or R&D.  We create solutions and add a high level of project management and system integration capability to each and every order. While we have a broad portfolio of products across various industries, we strive for the best solution and use products that match your unique material handling space. Our service department has highly trained and experienced technicians across the entire country. We partner with international distributors for our international business in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Canada. Our culture is built on the premise of “Customer First.”  This is how we approach our entire business, from hiring new employees to project execution.

Our Focus on Solutions

Our broad product portfolio is used as a strong foundation to build innovative and creative solutions. We work with our customers in a consultative manner to understand their needs, designing a solution that meets their standards. By leveraging our experience across every aspect of the postal, courier, and e-commerce industries, we can collaboratively work with our customers to find the best solution. Every effort is driven by a need to provide a return on investment to our customers in the form of efficiency and service improvement to their business, production, or operation.


Parcels in a row on rollers
E-commerce Order Fulfillment (3PL, Subscription Box, B-to-C)
Standard size letters filed in a box
Outbound Letter Sorting (Pre-Sorters)
Top view of a stack of mail, envelopes and bubble mailers
Inbound Letter Sorting (Bank Remittance)
Mailroom shelves full of parcels
Corporate Campus Mail Sorting
Top view of polybag with pills spilled out on bottom
Pharmaceutical Direct to Consumer
Courier delivering two small parcels to a customer's front door
Couriers (Postal & Parcel)
Hands holding official election mail
Laser scanning barcode on a parcel's label
Imaging (OCR, BCR, 3D Imaging, High-Resolution)
Man holding parcel featuring a large shipping label
Print & Apply
Hands taping up boxes
Integrated Shipping Station (DWS Solutions)
Close up of gears on a custom letter sorter
Custom Automation & Robotics
Man in a warehouse in front of a computer speaking to a customer over the phone
24x7 Lifecycle Services (Technical Support, Replacement Parts)


Industry leading letter, flat, and parcel mail sorting systems.  Our advanced automation is backed by our imaging OCR software and innovative high speed linerless labeling technology.


Software adapted to best sorting practices.  Our software was created to manage shipping services and uniquely approved by the USPS for special shipping rate discounts.


Durable equipment that lasts decades. We also offer replacement parts for all of our equipment.


With over 70 years of experience in the mail industry and more than 10 years in the ecommerce marketplace, we are backed by one of the most innovative and knowledgeable teams in the industry.

Find Your Solution

Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams will provide you trusted cutting edge automation technology to fit your specific requirements. We can help you find the solution to your sorting needs.

Get Started

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