About Us

Fluence Automation, LLC (Fluence) is a new company with a long history of providing innovative technologies to the mail distribution, logistics and parcel automation markets. We are the former Sorting and Parcels division of Bell and Howell, LLC, a 100 year old company, with deep technical roots in systems design and integration, vision, imaging, software, applied to mail and parcels automation.

We trace our origins to Bell and Howell’s acquisition in 1979 of Stephens Industry, one of the forerunners in the design and manufacturing of high speed letter sorting equipment, followed by the acquisition of the imaging group from REI (Recognition Equipment Inc.) in 1989, and the Postal Technologies Inc. (PTI) division from OPEX in 2008. We pioneered the use of multi-line optical character recognition (MLOCR) applied to high speed sorting. Over the last 30+ years, we built out the mailing industry’s most robust sorting and high speed imaging product platforms backed by one of the best service teams in this space, earning a dominant position in the commercial sorting segment, and delivering numerous projects for various entities, including the USPS®, the US Government, other national posts, Mailing Service Providers (MSP’s) and many of the Fortune 500 in different segments. The product platform has evolved over the years to include applications as diverse as outgoing sorting, incoming sorting, mail ballot envelope automation (Vote by Mail), and various custom projects that include specialized device development.

In addition to mail sorting, over the last several years we have expanded our focus to include certain areas of parcels processing, based on technologies in linerless labelling developed originally for mail, and utilizing industry leading components for imaging, conveying and sorting. We now have a unique combination of intelligent high speed imaging with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), advanced sorting software, coupled with high throughput hardware and backed by one of the best service teams in the industry.

At Fluence, we look forward to continuing to serve our long-term Mail Sorting customers in the best manner possible, while advancing automation solutions in Parcels and Vote by Mail, and growing our footprint in Software & Services.