Inbound Sorting

If you have a large volume of inbound mail, processing times and labor can be reduced by adding a high speed sorter, with a range of optional devices. Some of the typical segments with high volumes of inbound mail include:

  • Lockbox/remittance processing
  • Response management for mail and media
  • Incoming university mail
  • Incoming corporate mail
  • Incoming government mail

Since the processing requirements are largely governed by individual customer processes, there is a wide range of possible implementations.

Typical benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in time to complete processing, by combining multiple steps in a single pass
  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced training needs relating to manual sorting and delivery practices
  • Improved integrity and tracking of all inbound mail, including handwritten mail
  • Improved visibility across systems with system to system interfaces

Devices supported include the following:


Please contact us with your processing needs, we will be glad to discuss the best options to automate your process with our standard functionality, or even work out a custom solution to address your unique processing needs.