Our advanced imaging, software, sorting and labeling platforms cover a wide range of industries. Based on common underlying technologies, we have evolved features to meet the needs of various industry segments.

Our products are modular and designed to address a variety of customer needs and support several generations of products efficiently – many of our customers have systems installed over 20 years ago. As technologies evolve over the years, we are often able to upgrade just the necessary modules, so that our customers maximize the value of their equipment investment. With this approach, our systems continue to perform a critical role in our customer sites for decades, running the most current version of our imaging and sorting software.

Another benefit of having long standing global customer relationships across different segments is that we have worked on a very wide variety of mail and parcels processing workflows.


Therefore, if you are looking to significantly improve your processing efficiencies and/ or minimize the labor needed to handle your sorting needs, we have both the depth and breadth of expertise need to effectively address both simple and complex processing needs.

Please review the relevant industry page to know more, and we look forward to discussing your needs in detail!