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A Customer First Approach

We solve problems in the mailing and material handling industries.

We are the trusted partner for companies looking to automate handling of parcels. We design, manufacture and integrate our material handling solutions to meet diverse customer applications. Our parcels sorters are used daily to handle a wide variety of both outgoing and incoming packages. In the field of postal automation, we have the largest commercial installation base of sorting hardware and software in the United States and throughout Europe and South America. Our customers are banks, financial services providers, mailers, printers and entrepreneurs looking to move mail and parcels through the postal systems quickly, accurately and with efficiency.

At the core of our solutions is our industry leading reading technology. As the leader in data capture, recognition and verification software our customers read, track and verify mail and packages daily. Tying our technologies together is our suite of software for machine control and postal submission. Customers entering mail and parcels into the postal streams take advantage of our NetSort software daily to aggregate and report piece and volume data.

Passion for Innovation

The “Fire in the Belly” that is evident in everything we do.


Our headquarters is located northwest of Arlington Heights, Illinois and it houses operations, product and SW engineering, TAC, and marketing. The Baltimore, Maryland location houses systems engineering & development, specializing in e-commerce and postal automation solutions. Recognition engineering is located in Dallas, Texas.




USA & Abroad

There are over 350 locations across the country, supporting one of the most well-run nationwide service networks available today. Local service is also supported by remote Subject Matter Expert (SME) support. The international team serves our customers abroad, with multiple locations in England and Germany.

Customer Above and Beyond

A positive attitude and a focus on exceptional support.


Our advanced imaging, software, sorting and labeling platforms cover a wide range of industries. Based on common underlying technologies, we have evolved features to meet the needs of various industry segments.

On top of this, our products are modular and designed to address a variety of customer needs, supporting several generations of products efficiently. As technologies evolve over the years, we are often able to upgrade just the necessary modules, so that our customers maximize the value of their equipment investment. With this approach, our systems continue to perform a critical role in our customer sites for decades.

Letter Sorting

Our high-speed letter sorters create a substantial reduction in processing times for inbound or outbound mail and flats. We have sorter installations in many international countries, meeting the needs of presorters, private posts, governments, and corporations, with some of the most advanced sorting technology available today. Our modular systems are adapted to your business needs including DBCS, MLOCR, and our Vote by Mail product line.

Parcel Sorting

Over the last several years, we have been providing high performance parcel sorting and encoding systems as a solution to your parcel sorting needs arcels, flats, and polybags are diverted from the sortation line quickly, efficiently, and consistently without adding time and cost to the process. Our modular systems are adapted to your business needs.


With the continuous growth of e-commerce the need for high-speed sorting machinery rises with the difficulty of managing an increasing amount of orders. We have expanded our parcel sorting to end-to-end processing to include receiving, inventory picking, packaging, rate shopping, print & apply, and shipping. We make it easy to ship both small and large products from your distribution center by giving you the ability to meet peak throughput needs, preventing bottlenecks and setting you up for success.

Find Your Solution

Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams will provide you trusted cutting edge automation technology to fit your specific requirements. We can help you find the solution to your sorting needs.

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