Fluence Automation Set to Deliver New Innovations

In Mail and Parcels Processing

Bell and Howell Spin-off Embraces Renewed Focus to Strengthen

Technology and Customer Support

Wheeling, IL, (September 12, 2017) – A new company is set to deliver fresh innovation in the sorting and labeling equipment and software industry for companies worldwide that handle large volumes of mail and parcels. 

Fluence Automation, the spin-off of Bell and Howell’s mail and parcels sorting business, began operating as an independent company on August 1. It brings both long-standing industry expertise, and tees up new technical advances for the future. 

“The same experienced team of professionals our customers know are now focused on investing in and growing our core mail sorting business, and further innovating in e-Commerce fulfillment automation,” says Mike Swift, president and CEO of Fluence Automation, formerly vice president and general manager of Bell and Howell’s mail and parcels sorting unit.

The new company provides customers with an integrated suite of leading, brand-name solutions – sorting, high-speed encoding and labeling equipment – backed by an extensive array of software offerings and highly-focused customer support, all proven to lower costs and improve business velocity and operating efficiencies. 

e-Commerce Ready
Fluence Automation is finalizing the next wave of productivity advances in package sorting and labeling of particular interest to e-Commerce companies.

“The parcel-handling industry is ready for a big bump in speed,” says Swift. “We’ve invested in the steadily growing e-Commerce space with our new parcel sorting, recognition and high-speed labeling technology.”

Break-through productivity and speed-of-delivery improvements with liner-free label application will allow the latest Fluence Automation labeling equipment to deliver throughput two to three times that of existing, conventional equipment while providing more flexibility (i.e., variable-sized labels) with a smaller processing footprint. 

For more information, contact Fluence Automation at 847.423.7400. 

About Fluence Automation
Fluence Automation is an innovative technology solutions company that sells mail and parcel sorting systems and owns a portfolio of mail and parcel labeling technologies that are increasingly being adapted for the e-Commerce fulfillment market. 

Fluence Automation provides long-term support and customer care through its robust suite of software focused on vision/recognition and sorting applications, and a service support network that is based primarily in the U.S., with operating subsidiaries in the UK and Germany. For more information visit: www.fluenceautomation.com

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