Small Parcel Sorter (SPS)

High-speed Sorter for Parcels, Flats and Polybags

Small Parcel Sorter (SPS) is perfect for handling a large number of signle item orders shipped. It satisfies your company's need to process a growing number of small parcels, such as cartons, flats, and polybags. The SPS is set up with efficiency in mind, saving time and cost required to process additional small parcels. It was developed to provide a fast and efficient solution for sorting small parcels.

At Fluence Automation we take care to integrate our products into your environment to suit your sorting needs, focusing on solutions over simple fixes.

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By combining the Fluence Automation SPS with other front-end material-handling components (such as bulk induction, high-speed gapping, dim / weigh / scan, imaging, and/or high-speed labeling), the system can be custom designed to accommodate any small parcel processing requirements.
When the SPS is integrated with Fluence Automation’s high-speed roller diverts, the system can achieve throughput speeds of up to 183 ppm for products as small as 4” x 4”. In addition to these high-speed roller diverts, other sorting technologies can be integrated to best meet the application specs and budget.
The SPS solution is just another example of Fluence Automation’s dedication to providing advanced product and system solutions that not only keep up with—but surpass—market demands. As with our best-in-class high-speed print-and-apply labelers, imaging systems, and sorting software, the Fluence Automation SPS provides the means to increase capacity required for today’s demanding e-commerce environment.

Available in three variations: standard 1 tier, standard 2 tier, or stacked 2 tier

Handles a wide range of small parcel types, including cartons, flats, envelopes and polybags, for parcel sizes ranging from as small as 4” x 4”, up to 14” x 15” 

Achieves high throughput speeds over 7,000 pph (up to 11,000 pph with smalls)

Offers precise product handling, with dynamic divert speeds and dwell control 

Bi-direction divert utilizes floor space efficiently 

Surface catch points eliminated to allow consistent flow 

Integrates with a variety of other sorting technologies and software for a modular, fully customized solution

Min Product Size 4” x 4”

Max Product Size 14” x 15” (larger parcels will decrease throughput rate) 

Max Product Weight 20 lbs (heavier parcels will decrease throughput rate) Max Throughput 183 ppm (11,000 pph)