Inbound Sorting Systems

MLOCR, BCR, and Custom Systems

With several decades of industry leading experience in sorting systems, Fluence has the widest range of capabilities for sorting incoming mail, covering severalsegments, including:

  • Lockbox/remittance processing
  • Response management for mail and media
  • Incoming university mail
  • Incoming corporate mail
  • Incoming government mail
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Our sorting systems are built on robust platforms that have evolved over time serving multiple industries. Transports include the most compact systems available such as the new Criterion® Elevate, to the ultra-fast Criterion APEX® and several legacy sorting systems. Apart from the standard options available on our sorting transports, our team has the depth of expertise to perform an in-depth analysis of your current processes and provide a customized solution that best fits your environment.


  • Smallest footprint with multi-tier bins, ease of relocation
  • Handle the widest range of mail - postcards to flats
  • Process machine print, handwritten fonts and interoffice mail
  • Support incoming and outgoing mail with the same sorter
  • Several device options for concurrent processing