Courier, Express and Parcels (CEP)/ Cross-dock facilities

Customers in the CEP segment as well as some cross-dock facilities can run into a unique set of challenges – a wide range of products, ranging from polybags to large boxes – and extreme variations in label or address quality. For sites that use the USPS® (or other carriers) for delivery, there are additional challenges to have the right data for the product classes that are being processed.

With our extensive experience in high speed linerless labeling and advanced high speed imaging and sorting, we bring a unique set of capabilities that are a great fit with the needs of the segment. Some of the relevant functionality includes:

  • Highest throughputs: The Raptor HS is the fastest print and apply labeler available today, with 2-3 times the throughput of a typical print and apply system, using a dynamic printhead approach as opposed to a static printhead. The Raptor can handle 70ppm for 6” labels (higher for shorter labels), while dealing with height variations up to 36”.
  • High speed image processing with OCR: Our SABRE software utilizes images from industry standard camera systems to provide outstanding functionality for intelligent address lookups, barcode reading and other functionality, while keeping up with the high throughput levels of the Raptor.
  • Dynamic label positioning: Ability to detect label positions and dynamically adjust the label position to avoid labels/ overlabel.
  • External Interfaces: Our team has extensive experience with interfacing with external systems while intelligently tracking products in motion. This is very useful in cases where products would need to be dynamically assigned to different destinations, while printing a human readable label with the destination details.
  • Integrated and Standalone offerings: Depending on application needs, we offer standalone complete systems (Loading hopper, singulation, imaging, dimensioning and weighing, print and apply, verification and sorting) typically for small parcels handling, or intelligent sub systems that consist of just the imaging and print and apply systems, and optional weighing/ dimensioning modules.

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