Distribution Centers (Retail or 3PL)

Print and Apply systems in a distribution center (DC) are typically a bottleneck in the process, and can limit the throughput of the facility, or ability to meet peak throughput needs. With the growth in eCommerce, and the need to ship both small and large products from a DC, this can be a severe constraint to overcome.

  • Improve throughput: The Raptor HS from Fluence dramatically changes this assumption, with 2-3 times the throughput of a typical print and apply system, using a dynamic printhead approach as opposed to a static printhead. The Raptor can handle 70ppm for 6” labels, while dealing with height variations up to 36”.
  • Simplify layout: With the high throughput, the number of lines needed can be dramatically reduced, and the number of merges and or diverts to distribute the loads can also be reduced, while unlocking the true potential of the sorting system/ upgraded to faster sorter to improve the overall throughput of the facility/ minimize loading time.
  • No waste: Additionally, since the Raptor HS uses linerless material, it reduces the number of roll changes for the same number of labels, and there is no liner waste to be disposed, simplifying the process, saving time and reducing waste.
  • Minimize label material used: The system cuts each label to the size specified in the label data, based on our proven high speed cutter.
  • True redundancy: Because of the high throughput of the system, a dual unit provides true redundancy, where the second labeler can take over from the first labeler for periods of maintenance, or even during label roll changes, so that the line can run without any speed changes, for throughputs up to 70ppm.
  • Label on label operation: The labelers can also apply a stack of labels on a box. Since linerless labels are used, each label can be peeled off by the recipient, allowing a return label, packing slip and shipping label to be applied as a stack, with start/ stop indexing conveyor.

The Raptor HS can transform your DC – please reach out to us to discuss your needs in more detail, we’ll be glad to work out a cost-effective proposal to best meet your needs.