Inbound Parcels/ Receiving Operations/ Reverse Logistics

Sites that need to receive a large number of parcels for recipients (such as a corporate campus/ university), or that need to provide reverse logistics services can run into a unique set of challenges.

Typical challenges include the following:

  • Labor to lookup the recipient from the address
  • A wide variety of parcel types, ranging from small to larger products
  • No consistency in tracking barcodes on the product
  • Changing locations of the recipient in the campus or off-campus
  • Inconsistent addressing/ labeling
  • The need for weighing and dimensioning, and capturing images

Some of the relevant capabilities of the system are:

  • High speed image processing with OCR and database lookups: Our SABRE software utilizes images from industry standard camera systems to provide outstanding functionality for OCR (optical character recognition), intelligent database lookups, barcode reading and other functionality. Adapted from our inbound mail sorting functionality, we have proven intelligent database lookup options that are designed to maximize the read rates and accuracy.
  • High speed image capture with an LPN: Where a product cannot be accurately recognized, the image can be captured and an LPN (License Plate Number) label can be applied onto the product. The images can then be reviewed offline and the appropriate destination identified. The parcels can then be rerun to the desired destination.
  • Dynamic label positioning: Ability to detect label positions and dynamically adjust the label position to avoid labels or overlabel.
  • External Interfaces: Our team has extensive experience with interfacing with external systems while intelligently tracking products in motion. This is very useful in cases where products would need to be dynamically assigned to different destinations, while printing a human readable label with the destination details.
  • Integrated and Standalone offerings: Depending on application needs, we offer standalone complete systems (Loading hopper, singulation, imaging, dimensioning and weighing, print and apply, verification and sorting) typically for small parcels handling, or intelligent sub systems that are integrated to a larger conveyor network, and consisting of just the imaging and print and apply systems, and optional weighing/ dimensioning modules.

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