Material Handling System Integrators

As a systems integrator, you would constantly be looking for the best solution to solve your customers’ processing challenges, and you would also want to work with a partner that takes ownership of their part of the solution. With Fluence, you get a partner that has the highest performing products in the print and apply/ encoding space and supported by a professional, nationwide service team.

Our products help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Minimize the number or merges/ diverts for print and apply: Since our Raptor HS can run at 70ppm for 6” labels for height variations up to 36”, it is possible to minimize the number of lines. An additional unit on the same line will provide full redundancy (no drop in throughput).
  • Efficient support for large height variations: Due to the dynamic printhead approach, the Raptor HS is the fastest, most accurate system for lines that have products with large height variations (up to 36”)
  • Minimize wastage and operator time: Since the Raptor HS utilizes linerless label material, there are more labels per roll (up to 80% more), and the roll change can be completed in a matter of seconds. This results in less downtime and fewer operator tasks (no liner material to dispose off, easier roll change)
    • Innovative label-on-label design: Enables a return label, multiple pack slip sheets and shipping label to be applied on top of each other, with a start/ stop indexing conveyor. The ability to handle large height variations and the dynamic printhead approach allow this process to be accomplished efficiently.
    • Complete encoding system/ intelligent sub system: With our expertise in advanced imaging and high speed automation, we can provide a complete intelligent sub system, with singulation and gap control if necessary.
  • Experienced team for integrations and data management: Our decades of experience working with all kinds of external systems in the mailing world has successfully transferred over to interfacing to external systems in the parcel segments as well. Our team will work efficiently with your hardware, controls and software teams to ensure that all design aspects are taken care of promptly, to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Nationwide service support: We support over 300 sites across all our installations in the US, and therefore we are able to get service support onsite for almost all our installations very quickly – often on the same day. Therefore, you can rest assured that your customer will be taken care of very well.

Please reach out to us for your next project – we will be glad to engage with your team to work out the best configuration for your project.