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Big Output Secondary Sorting (BOSS)


With a growing demand for shorter delivery times and same-day delivery, it is becoming increasingly important to maximize sorting separations at the sorting center, as well as delivery centers. Fluence Automation’s Big Output Secondary Sorting (BOSS) system provides an ideal linear shipping (or receiving) solution for customers that desire the ability to sort small and medium-size parcels into high-volume containers, or gaylords. Both modular and scalable, the BOSS system can be configured for a wide variety of feature sets and destination outputs while maintaining a significantly smaller footprint than competing technologies. This system is perfect for customers that would like to achieve a substantial sortation discount using minimal labor and with minimal acquisition costs.


The BOSS is a linear sorter solution capable of handling a high volume of small and medium-size parcels routed to outputs at high speed. The sorter is modular and customizable from a wide array of feature set options, which allows for flexible arrangements to suit warehouses of any size or space and modifications to suit an individual client’s needs. Feature sets include prep areas, indexing, weighing, dimensioning, scanning (including optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode recognition (BCR)), and print-and-apply labeling.

Sortation is handled by Fluence Automation’s high-speed (HS) diverts. The sorter can be configured with our menu of output expanders to arrange containers to fit each customer’s facility space constraints.


The following feature sets are available as part of the modular, customizable configuration of the Fluence Automation BOSS system:


The BOSS can either serve in a standalone capacity or be combined with existing systems to increase overall capability. Package sizes should conform within the overall specifications as shown in the table below to maintain maximum throughput and overall efficiency.



*Sorter cycle speed is 12,000 pph, and throughput is dependent on parcel size

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