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Campus Receiving System

The Campus Receiving System is designed for locations receiving a variety of letter and parcel mail which must be distributed to individuals spread across different buildings. The system was developed for a centralized receiving warehouse to receive, identify, sort, and deliver letters or parcels to surrounding locations. This automated solution reduces labor while greatly improving delivery efficiency and, in most cases, a much higher percentage of items is delivered the same day as received.

Typical sorting system layout

With several decades of industry-led experience in sorting systems, Fluence Automation has the widest range of capabilities for sorting incoming mail. Our sorting systems serve multiple industries and are built on robust platforms that have evolved over time. For this system, our team has a range of expertise to perform an in-depth analysis of your current processes and provide a customized solution to best fit your environment.

Fluence is a leader in three key technologies: high speed print & apply, optical character recognition, and software/hardware mail sorting solutions.

Input devices such as camera, inspection and print & apply


Received items are placed on a conveyor to be sent through the Campus Receiving System. The shipping label on each item–barcode and human readable–is scanned for information required to identify the product and perform the necessary database lookup. The system’s OCR deciphers information on the label, such as the owner’s name, the purchase order number, or any special handling instructions, like “hazmat”, “will call”, or “perishable”. Using this information, it will perform a lookup into your database so that a label can be automatically applied to the parcel and it can be routed to the appropriate lane destination. Once the match is made in the database, the corresponding information is sent to the labeling system where the item identifier, along with any other pertinent information, is printed and applied to the parcel. The product is then tracked and sorted to the appropriate bin for collection to the proper building or delivery zone.

Sort lane view and output sortation


Our custom solutions can address any unique challenges you may face

Our systems are used to reduce labor and manpower needed to receive and process incoming mail in a timely and efficient manner. Each piece of mail is scanned on entry, giving a precise tracking of all mail items in the receiving & delivery process. Depending on the size of the campus, savings can be reduced to a fraction of the time needed in a manual operation.


All Fluence Automation products are backed by our expert technical service team, with decades of experience supporting complex automation systems in 24 x 7 x 365 operations across such industries as government, defense, finance, and healthcare. With a nationwide field service team, we can provide the responsive expert support that your operation requires.


With more than 70 years supporting a diverse array of verticals in the mailing industry, Fluence Automation aims to be your trusted partner for the long term. We are not a reseller; we have designed and developed cutting-edge sorting solutions based upon a wide range of operational needs. We are dedicated to increasing your processing performance by reducing your costs and risks through the development of modular, reliable, and flexible mail processing solutions.

As an established market leader in the high-speed mail and parcel processing markets, serving the needs of customers with innovative technology solutions for mail and material handling equipment, software and related technical support services. We focus on helping our customers to continually improve their business operations that create, process, ship and deliver mail and parcels. We design, develop and manufacture systems (hardware and software) solutions for Posts and Couriers including their service partners, Inbound Sorting/Reverse Logistics providers and online/e-Commerce fulfillment companies.

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Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams will provide you trusted cutting edge automation technology to fit your specific requirements. We can help you find the solution to your sorting needs.

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