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Stacked Shipping Labels

Ecommerce fulfillment and package shipment has increased substantially each year for the last decade. Every parcel shipped requires “paper” information, such as a shipping label, return label, and invoice.

There are various methods to deliver these elements, but oftentimes they are handled by paperwork inside the box or with a shipping label pouch. These pouches can be laborious to load or can require expensive maintenance. Fluence Automation has addressed this with our high-speed label application system that quickly and automatically applies the shipping label, invoice, return label, and any other information to the outside of the box for easy use by your customers.

The labels are produced and applied by our Fluence Raptor system, which is designed for high-speed top-panel labeling. The system customizes label stock, similar to a roll of tape, which allows the label stock to apply on top of another label and still have the ability to be removed. Our labels have the perfect balance of adhesiveness and peel-ability. Once received, the customer simply peels off the shipping label once to view the packing list, and then again for the return label.

The Stacked-Labels solution provides a much more efficient process, which lowers the cost of labor, materials, and integration on the facility floor. We have many ways to configure a solution to provide the needed number of labels at the desired speed. We can customize a solution for you. Depending on the configuration, throughput speeds of over 70 ppm can be achieved.


Fluence’s Raptor is the fastest parcel print & apply system on the market. This system is designed to dynamically adjust label length or change print text based on each package’s needs. We will interface our system to your WMS and POS systems to create a seamless transition from your current operation to our new enhanced technology.

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