Intelligent Parcel Gapping Solution

Single or dual lane gapping system
The Fluence intelligent parcel gapping system is an integral function prior to the downstream automated processes such as dim / weigh / scan, imaging, high speed labeling, and sortation.
This solution singulates and gaps your incoming products. Having developed solutions in the mail industry for many years, Fluence Automation understands the material handling and processing requirements for parcels and letter mail. The Fluence Automation Intelligent Parcel Gapping system was developed to provide an efficient and flexible solution for processing a mixed array of parcels, such as cartons, flats and polybags, with precision at high throughputs.
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This solution is just another example of Fluence Automation’s dedication to providing advanced product and system solutions that not only keep up with the market demands but surpass it. As with our Best-In-Class high speed print and apply labeling, imaging systems, and sorting hardware and software, the Fluence SLGS & DLGS provides the ability to increase capacity required in today’s demanding e-commerce environment.
Optimal throughput is achieved for varying product sizes, while maintaining necessary gaps and pitches of products for devices of dimensioning, weighing, scanning, and diverting.  Our system can be configured with necessary rules to adjust for gap to pitch control based on dynamica conditions.
For exampl,e in the event that there is information to be scanned on the front or rear of the product, Fluence can  provide a dynamic gapping solution that will create the appropriate distance between each parcel. By dimensioning each parcel prior to gapping, the desired distance can be provided to ensure that there is no obstruction (“shadowing”) of the information to be scanned, while achieving maximum throughput possible.
High Throughput – 12000pph (min 23” pitch / 4” gap)
Minimum Parcel Size – 4” x 4”
Precise Product Handling – High efficiency servo sections
Wide Range – Small Parcels Cartons, Flats, Envelopes, and Polybags
Intelligent Controls – Dynamic or min gap / min pitch Anti-Shadowing Enhancement
Single or Dual Lane Configuration – Obtaining the highest throughputs
Min Product Size - 4” x 4”
Max Product Size - 14” x 15” (larger parcels will impact throughput)
Max Product Weight - 20 lbs. (heavier parcels will impact throughput)
Max Throughput - 6,000 PPH per lane
Interface - Per Application
Motor Control - Discrete I/O
Options - Merge and Anti-Shadowing