Doubles Detection

Parcel Doubles Detection System
The loss of productivity due to exception handling can be mitigated by the addition of a Fluence Parcel Doubles Detection System to identify those exceptions automatically and in real-time. The 3-D Vision based system can “see” the contents (or lack thereof) of a sorter location and communicate the type of exception to the controller. This reduces, or possibly eliminates, manual touches that may be caused by the exception.
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Fluence Automation engineering personnel develop, field and maintain technology to determine the “status” of a sort cell at operational speeds of up to 2 meters/sec. The statuses that can be identified include:
- Empty- Single package
- Multiple packages
- Packages not optimally positioned

Additionally, data that identifies the location of a package on a sort cell is utilized to optimize the timing of the sort transfer.

Fluence Engineering develops and refines algorithms that utilize the latest 3D smart camera technology to interpret sorter content images at operational speeds, and provide extremely accurate metadata on product status, dimensions, and location on the sorter cell.

Doubles Detection can improve an already effective process by automating the process of identifying issues and preventing costly and time-consuming recovery activities. In addition, data collection of the events can help determine intrinsic process issues.

This solution is just another example of Fluence Automation’s dedication to providing advanced product and system solutions that not only keep up with the market demands but surpass it. As with our Best-In-Class high-speed print and apply labeling, imaging systems, and sorting hardware and software, the Fluence can improve existing process productivity.

The combination of the capabilities of cameras designed for use in process/logistics automation and high-speed inspection and the evolution of algorithm development at Fluence Automation provides great potential for Doubles Detection, from base systems as described herein, to more application-specific systems as these systems are heuristic in their nature. As an example, Fluence is developing an application to detect a very specific exception that causes stoppages and even crashes on another sortation platform. The capabilities and benefits of the systems are even more extensive if a particular exception can be “taught” to the system.

Identifies and flags sorter content exceptions
Maximum Product Size - 18” x 30” x 15”
Minimum Product Size - any
Footprint is essentially within sorter footprint - requires approximately 4' over sorter
Heuristic in nature - Can "learn" to look for special exceptions
Fluence proven custom algorithms
Max Product Weight - n/a
Max Throughput - 10,000 PPH
Interface - Per Application
Motor Control - Per Application
Options - Learned, application-specific exceptions