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Address Correction & Standardization Service

TrueAddress Address Correction & Standardization Service is a high-performance address correction and standardization software for 64-bit Windows or Linux, batch processing and single-address lookup via DLL provided for popular development environments

Verifying data quality is instrumental in reaching your intended audience. CASS™ processing validates every address in your file against all USPS® delivery points. Your improved and appended address data will be returned in a user-friendly format and will include the necessary fields to qualify for automation postage discounts. (i.e., ZIP+4®, delivery point, and carrier route). For parcel shippers this process provides the 11-digit ZIP Code® required for USPS shipping discounts.

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Key Features:

  • Unparalleled processing speed – Clocked at over 250 million addresses cleaned per hour, which is faster than the USPS API or other outside APIs
  • Single-address lookup or batch processing – Better matching accuracy and more actionable information returned than other products
  • Flexible pricing models – Subscriptionbased pricing for large and small enterprises
  • Adaptable deployment models – Configurable for enterprise web servers to single-user options
  • On-premises or cloud options – No privacy concerns with on-premise processing, and cloud option for trials or SaaS preferences
  • Easy to use – Online tutorials simplify the process, and simple XML parameter templates are available

Address Standardization and Cass Certified Address Corrections:

  • Enterprise data quality for large companies
  • Processing rejects from other CASS Certified™ products in minimal time
  • Website data entry validation

Why is TrueAddress Better than Other Solutions?

  • Fastest CASS Certified processing on the market (70-250 million+ addresses per hour, depending on hardware)
  • Single-address lookup DLL can be used by a wide variety of development platforms
  • Pricing is subscription based, very competitive and includes monthly and weekly data
  • Superior flexibility
  • Multiple input and output formats supported
  • XML parameter file makes automation easy
  • Web-based parameter builder provides a quick start
  • Both batch- and single-piece lookup capabilities included
  • RDI™ is included
  • Available as low-cost cloud offering for lower volume users
  • Much better matching accuracy and more actionable information returned than most non- CASS Certified single-address lookup products
  • Window Book and Fluence Automation development teams have decades of experience developing address hygiene engines

Who Should Use TrueAddress?

  • New enterprises that need address standardization for data quality purposes
  • Users of other CASS Certified products – Replace existing products with TrueAddress—its superior speed and cost effectiveness makes TrueAddress a better choice than many legacy CASS Certified products
  • Users with single address lookup for websites and legacy CRM systems – Replace these with the TrueAddress solution results in much more accurate data and faster results
  • Companies who wish to replace hosted solutions with on-premise solution (in USA only)
  • Companies wanting to enhance exiting CASS
  • Certified products to improve match rate with minimal slowdown of end-to-end process