Doubles Detection

Parcel Doubles Detection System

The loss of productivity due to exception handling can be mitigated by the addition of a Fluence Parcel Doubles Detection System to identify those exceptions automatically and in real-time. The 3-D Vision based system can “see” the contents (or lack thereof) of a sorter location and communicate the type of exception to the controller. This reduces, or possibly eliminates, manual touches that may be caused by the exception.

Key features

  • Identifies and flags sorter content exceptions
  • Maximum Product Size - 18” x 30” x 15”
  • Minimum Product Size - any
  • Footprint is essentially within sorter footprint - requires approximately 4' over sorter
  • Heuristic in nature - Can "learn" to look for special exceptions
  • Fluence proven custom algorithms
  • Max Product Weight - n/a
  • Max Throughput - 10,000 PPH
  • Interface - Per Application
  • Motor Control - Per Application
  • Options - Learned, application-specific exceptions

Common specs

  • Min product size: 4” X 4” X ⅛”
  • Max product size: 12” X 12” X 10”
  • Max product weight: 20 lbs.
  • Max throughput: 6,000 PPH
  • Interface: Per Application
  • Motor control: Per Application
  • Options: Learned, application specific exceptions

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