HS Roller Divert

Diverter for parcels, flats, and polybags

One of the biggest challenges in automating the handling of small parcels is how to divert them from the sortation line quickly, efficiently and consistently, without adding time and cost to the process. Having developed solutions in the mail industry for many years, Fluence Automation understands the material handling and processing requirements for small parcels and letter mail. We’ve designed our high-speed roller divert system from the ground up, focusing primarily on the requirements for processing small parcels in today’s material handling environments. Our HS Roller Divert was developed with today’s demands in mind, offering speed, diverse parcel handling, and the system maintainability that our customers have grown to expect from our decades of experience and reliability in the mailing and sorting industry.

Key features

  • Handles a wide range of small parcel types, including cartons, flats, envelopes and polybags, for parcel sizes ranging from as small as 4” x 4”, up to 14” x 15”
  • Achieves high throughput speeds over 7,000 pph (up to 11,000 pph with smalls)
  • Offers precise product handling, with dynamic divert speeds and dwell control
    Bi-direction divert utilizes floor space efficiently
  • Surface catch points eliminated to allow consistent flow

Document specs

  • Min Product Size 4” x 4”
  • Max Product Size 14” x 15”
    (larger parcels will decrease throughput rate)
  • Max Product Weight 20 lbs
  • (heavier parcels will decrease throughput rate)
  • Max Throughput 183 ppm (11,000 pph)
  • Sort Angle 45° & 90°
  • Motor Control Discrete I/O
  • Sort Chutes Number of tiers: 1-2
  • Number of chutes: Designed to application specs

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