LED Illumination

Co-Planar Illumination System

LED Illumination is a small, but powerful integrated illumination solution for industrial lighting requirements and/or replacement of existing lighting applications. This compact, self-contained lighting unit delivers constant and consistent illumination with diffuse, highintensity cool white light output.

Key features

  • Cool, consistent illumination
  • No “hot spots”
  • Completely self-contained, “plugand-play” design
  • Hollow-core design, with built-in heat sink
  • Reduced power consumption compared to existing technologies
  • Easy fine tuning (“set and forget”)
  • Modular length

Physical attributes

  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Modular design; easily adapted to existing applications
  • Self-cooling; built-in heat sink with external fan (optional)
  • Safe and comfortable to work near, even after hours of operation
  • Shutters to focus illumination and protect glass during shipping or storage
  • Cooler operation reduces wear and tear on nearby parts and equipment

Key applications

  • High-speed image acquisition - Parcel sortation, flats sortation, and letter mail sortation
  • Static image acquisition - Dim/Weigh/Scan stations
  • Parts inspection stations

Cost Effectiveness (Business Case)

  • About 85% less power draw than sodium vapor lighting
  • Reduced spares and replacement costs
  • Easy to install; virtually “plug and play”

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