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NetSort®, the sorting software platform from Fluence, improves on the best elements of WinSort® and MaxiSORT®. Built on item-level tracking and a scalable client-server architecture, NetSort enables you to not just meet the new USPS® requirements* for full-service use of Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMB) but also realize additional discounts and revenue opportunities. NetSort is available as an upgrade on a wide range of sorting platforms.

The USPS offers basic-service and full-service options for implementing the IMB. While the full-service option has many benefits such as additional discounts, free Address Correction Service (ACS™) and free start-the-clock information, it can involve a significant implementation effort. NetSort provides the technology to minimize the effort required and will:

  • Manage 45-day barcode uniqueness and capture relationships for the mailpiece, trays and containers in your sorting environment
  • Create and support submission of electronic mailing reports and messaging (Mail.dat® & Mail.XML™)
  • Allow for multiple CAPS—Centralized Accounting Processing System—under Full ServiceNetSort

Key Features

  • Maximize postal discounts for mail and parcels
  • Support a wide range of product classes
  • Scalable to large number of sorters

Benefits from Full-Service

  • Savings from free Address Correction Service (ACS™), using OneCode ACS® and free start-the-clock information
  • IMb Tracing™, with the option to integrate to Fluence’s Track N Trace® for improved mail integrity, visibility and monitoring of delivery standards leveraging the 45-day uniqueness
  • Additional discounts from the USPS®

Item-Level Tracking

  • Validate expected vs. actual pieces with an item-level difference report by client
  • Track individual items at every stage of the process
  • Link other identification methods to the unique IMb™
  • Improve billing/chargeback accuracy

Maximize Savings by Merging Mail from Other Sites

  • Be more competitive by reducing your mailing costs with the multi-site option in NetSort
  • Earn greater USPS® discounts with better qualification levels by merging mail from other sites
  • Analysis indicates an improvement of up to 25% in 5-digit qualification levels
  • Item-level tracking via a "validation mode" accounts for mail moved between sites (required by USPS) and minimizes errors

Address Quality Services

  • Apply address-cleansing functionality used in data and list-processing environments with optional integration to BCC Mail Manager™
  • Achieve higher read rates by processing previously incorrect addresses
  • Improve delivery by reducing UAA mail
  • Save valuable sorter time by minimizing number of passes
  • Addresses to be cleansed can be obtained from:
  • Mailing lists used for mail creation
  • OCR information from envelope images processed by the reader
  • ACS information received from USPS

Base Platform Improvements

  • True client-server architecture with Web-based access to the server
  • Enterprise-strength database to handle item-level data
  • Remote diagnostics capability to quickly engage specialists over the Internet for complex issues
  • Structured archival of mailing data and reports, with automated back-up
  • Advanced user-login setup with configurable access to various functionalities
  • Template-based approach reduces errors and maximizes productivity
  • Item-level data structure provides the ability to extend tracking upstream or through the USPS® network

A Netsort Upgrade/Installation Consists of

  • Client application for each sorter
  • Server application for each site
  • Computers for the sorter and the server
  • Data conversion from your existing system
  • Training
  • On-site installation and setup

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