Automated Imaging, Encoding and Sorting System for Parcels

The Fluence Smalls ParcelMgr™ sorting system is ideal for organizations that routinely ship over 2,000 small parcels (under 1 lb) per day and rely on the USPS® for final delivery.USPS discounts increase when your small parcels qualify for ADC, 3-digit or 5-digit versus singlepiece mixed ADC. By reducing manual labeling costs and earning higher postage discounts, a Smalls ParcelMgr can quickly earn a return on your investment. The Smalls ParcelMgr system is designed to meet all USPS regulatory requirements for parcels mailing, including the Intelligent Mail® Parcel barcode (IMpb). You can minimize your operational expenses by automating the labeling process to earn larger postage discounts.Unlike online stamp retailers that cannot account for USPS postage savings via sorting, the Smalls ParcelMgr takes advantage of current and upcoming USPS parcel pricing discounts. You can save up to $3 by sorting your parcels into existing USPS postage products when compared to shipping them at a single-piece postage rate. You can save up to $0.51 per piece when sorting to 5-digit compared to Commercial Base Mixed ADC. With 5-digit, 3-digit and ADC, savings can add up quickly.

Key features

  • Outbound shipping with USPS
  • Outbound shipping with multiple carriers
  • Receiving and cross-docking
  • Inbound and outbound parcels services
  • Inbound parcels processing

ParcelMgr is ideal for

  • USPS Package Services (First-Class™ Package Service Commercial Base, First-Class Package Service Commercial Plus, Priority Mail® Commercial Base, First-Class Flats, Standard Flats,BPM Flats, BPM Parcels, and Parcel Select Lightweight Commercial Parcels)
  • Any parcel size within the specification and USPS class listed above\
  • License plate shipping facilities
  • Prescription fulfillment operations
  • Padded mailers under 16 oz.
  • Anywhere parcels are shipped via USPS in volumes of over 2000 per day!

USPS product classes and reporting options

  • First-Class™ Letters: Mail.Dat
  • Marketing Letters: Drop ship
  • First-Class Flats: Mail.Dat, UILP
  • Marketing Flats: Drop ship, Bundle & Tray Base
  • First-Class Package Service™: e-VS® Certified, PBLP1, UILP2, IPLP3, e-VS container support for sacks
  • Priority Mail® Cubic: e-VS Certified, PBLP1, UILP2, IPLP3
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus: e-VS Certified, PBLP1, UILP2, IPLP3
  • Parcel Select Lightweight® Parcels: e-VS Certified, PBLP1, IPLP3, e-VS container support for sacks, drop ship
  • Bound Printed Matter Parcels: e-VS Certified, PBLP1, IPLP3, e-VS container support for sacks, drop ship
  • Bound Printed Matter Presort and Non-Presort Flats: N/A

More infromation

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