Advanced OCR Reject Processor

What do you do when your optical character recognition (OCR) technologies cannot read your mail? Most companies typically process rejected mailpieces through an offline OCR system or send them to local or remote video encoders. However, resolving mail offline requires staging, waiting for results, and then running the mailpiece through the sorter again. This can adversely impact your service agreements, processing costs, and sorting capacity. Fluence has teamed up with Parascript to provide you with the most advanced reject processor in the industry – the MMT SABRE® Plus OCR System. MMT SABRE Plus combines Fluence’s technologically advanced MMT SABRE reading technology with Parascript’s machine and hand-print recognition software, significantly reducing first-pass rejects and increasing 11-digit barcode assignments. If you own a Criterion®, Criterion APEX®, Jetstar®, PTI® or other sorters that have the Fluence’s MMT SABRE reader, you can now process reject mail in real-time and online.

Key features and benefits

  • Enhance 11-digit assignments without the wait of remote video encoding
  • Eliminate the need to repass your rejected mail
  • Sort up to as many as 40,000 letters per hour while running MMT SABRE Plus
  • Increase your total sorting capacity, which enables you to generate more revenue
  • Easily install and use MMT SABRE Plus – you will not need to disrupt your operations for installation
  • Expand your customer base – the mail you could not accept before because of low read rates is now something you can profitably handle with MMT SABRE and MMT SABRE Plus

System Configuration

  • Network camera or video splitter
  • Communication network
  • Two processor PCs
  • A hardware key


All Fluence Criterion APEX, Criterion, Jetstar, PTI, and any (ULX) letter-based MLOCR sorters with MMT SABRE Fluence’s outgoing USPS® sorting software, including NetSort and WinSort First- Class™ letters, standard class letters, and FASTforward®

Scan Zone: Letters

  • Vertical axis (X axis): up to 6.125” (depending upon SABRE camera type)
  • Horizontal axis (Y axis): 0” – 11.5”
  • Image resolution: Supports both 256 dpi x 256 dpi and 200 dpi x 200 dpi

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