Small Parcel Sorter (SPS)

High-speed Sorter for Small Parcels, Flats, and Polybags

Small Parcel Sorter (SPS) is perfect for handling a large number of single item orders shipped. It satisfies your company's need to process a growing number of small parcels, such as cartons, flats, and polybags. The SPS is set up with efficiency in mind, saving time and cost required to process additional small parcels. It was developed to provide a fast and efficient solution for sorting small parcels. At Fluence Automation we take care to integrate our products into your environment to suit your sorting needs, focusing on solutions over simple fixes.

Key features

  • Handles a wide range of small parcel types, including cartons, flats, envelopes and polybags, for parcel sizes ranging from as small as 4” x 4”, up to 14” x 15”
  • Achieves high throughput speeds over 7,000 pph (up to 11,000 pph with smalls)
  • Offers precise product handling, with dynamic divert speeds and dwell control
  • Bi-direction divert utilizes floor space efficiently
  • Surface catch points eliminated to allow consistent flow
  • Integrates with a variety of other sorting technologies and software for a modular, fully customized solution

Precision SPS - Pharmaceutical Direct to Consumer

With the increasing demand for e-commerce delivery of prescription drugs, glasses, and other sensitive or personalized products where order fulfillment and delivery requires 100% accuracy every time, it is more critical than ever for suppliers to have the right equipment to process, ship and track these orders both correctly and efficiently.

Fluence Automation offers and affordable, practical solution for pharmaceutical and other direct-to-consumer business operations where order fulfillment accuracy is paramount. Our Precision Small Parcel (PSP) Sorter was developed to provide a fast, efficient, highly developed tracking-and-reporting solution for sorting small parcels of any shape and size where high-accuracy requirements must be met with every order, such as with mail-order prescriptions.

Document specs

  • Min product size: 4” x 4”
  • Max product size: 14” x 15” (larger parcels will decrease throughput rate)
  • Max product weight: 20 lbs (heavier parcels will decrease throughput rate)
  • Max throughput: 183 ppm (11,000 pph)
  • Sort angle: 45° & 90°
  • Motor control: Discrete I/O

Sort chutes

  • Number of tiers: 1-2
  • Number of chutes: Designed to application specs

More infromation

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